Childcare has become the need of the hour. With working parents and nuclear families, there is a need for competent day care centres that provide the care, attention, and social interaction that is necessary for the well-being of a child. AIMSPreschool understands the needs of the child in such a situation. With the help of affectionate and caring staff, we provide all the attention and care a child deserves.

Facilities Provided:
  • Nutritious Meal Plan structured by a Nutritionist keeping the child’s daily nutrition intake and taste.

  • Have a regular meal plan where children are given snacks and meals every 2 hour interval so that if the child misses one meal the other meal compensates for his daily nutrition intake.

  • A large playground, with innovative play systems to learn and play

  • Hygiene and quality maintained and supervised closely

  • Age appropriate, and fun Activities to keep the child engaged

  • Spacious, clean and home like childcare room for children to relax and nap

  • Friendly and affectionate helping staff

  • 24/7 Security and CCTV Camera surveillance

  • Mobile app based updates

  • Automatic notification to the parents when the child reaches/leaves the school

  • Transportation facility

Nutrition/Meal Plans

We aim for a holistic development of our children, and Nutrition is a big part of it. We at AIMSPreschool believe that a healthy child is a happy child, and that is why we, in consultation with a dietician and nutritionist, have designed a diet-chart that is nutritious,healthy, and tasty. Our Meal Plans ensure your child get nutritious food throughout the day.